Being able to service our industrial accounts with honesty, efficiency, and loyaltyBundles has been the core of our business over the years.  At Beacon Recycling we build lasting relationships with our customers and work hand in hand with them to provide the most effective ways to maximize recycling revenue and reduce landfill costs. 

We realize that each customer is unique and take great pride in being diversified enough to handle the different circumstances that arise.  We have made strategic long term investments in processing equipment that has enabled us to make products that we can offer to the best markets in the world which in turn allows us to pay the most competitive prices.

Beacon Recycling processes all grades of Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Stainless, and Hi-Temp Alloys.  We also recycle commercial and industrial grades of Paper and Plastic as well as E-Scrap including computer towers, laptops, circuit boards, computer components and miscellaneous electronic equipment.  We are the locally owned and operated full scale recycler capable of handling your every need.