Beacon Recycling opened on March 1, 1999 in Muskegon, MI by Steve Bolhuis, SrBeacon with the help from John Essex from the Port City Group.  After over twenty years of experience in the industry, Steve ventured out on his own with nothing more than an empty warehouse, rolodex, and unwillingness to fail.  Beacon called Roberts Street home to start, but Steve quickly outgrew the smaller lot and was in need of some more acreage.  In 2001, Beacon moved into its present location at 1241 E. Keating Avenue in Muskegon, MI.  The new state of the art warehouse and over twenty-five acres of land has allowed Beacon to continue to grow.

Steve’s hard work, dedication, and well respected name in the community has paved the way for the second generation of Bolhuis’ to come back and be part of the Beacon team.  Steve has three sons, Steve Jr., Brendan, and Grant, who all spent part of their summers growing up by working at Beacon,  and now have all come back to the West Michigan area to work full time at Beacon.  Brendan was the first to come back in 2004.  Steve Jr. followed in the fall of 2011 and Grant joined at the start of 2012.

The Bolhuis family is dedicated to the community and committed to helping West Michigan become as GREEN as possible.  With their team of loyal and experienced employees, Beacon Recycling is devoted to recycling their community in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.