Environmental Policy

Environmental, Quality, Customer Care

Beacon Recycling builds trust and loyalty in this industry by being reliant, responsible, and respectful.  We know that we can only be as good as our reputation warrants and we pride ourselves on that through honesty and integrity to our customers, consumers, and to our community.



At Beacon Recycling we have been proactive in complying with theFluid Extractor highest environmental regulations placed on our industry.  With the assistance of an environmental consulting firm we mapped out our property to make sure we were adhering to the local, state, and federal environmental regulations.  We have tapered and angled roads in place for our storm water runoff program and also paved roadways throughout our yard that keep dust down.  Beacon also uses an environmentally friendly system to extract the fluids out of cars without having any fluid touch the ground.  We actually use the recycled engine oil to heat our buildings.  Beacon also does what we can to help our customers on their storm water runoff by providing boxes that don’t leak or custom made lids to avoid any unsightly and unsafe fluids.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and take great joy in keeping clean and GREEN.  We practice what we preach at Beacon Recycling and are continually looking for improved ways to do our part in conserving the future by recycling the past.